IT Works Recharge Center Management solution is designed for administrators who oversee internally operated recharge centers, also known as research service facilities, core facilities, and charge back centers.  Examples of these centers or facilities include DNA Sequencing, NMR Scanners, Flow Cytometry, Tissue Culture, Transgenic Mice, Immunohistochemistry Lab, and many others.  Our solution aids in the management and billing operations for the services provided to scientists within the local research community. It includes:

  • Invoice generation
  • Accounts receivable aging reports
  • Late payment notice preparation
  • Facility Management reports
  • Electronic imports from electronic systems to automate the billing process

The Recharge Center Management system can manage multiple service centers within one software installation and supports multiple billing rates (e.g. for university vs. non-university research) within each center or facility.  Billing information for each center may be manually entered or imported in either detail or summary form.  Examples of detailed information include descriptive information, service codes, date and quantity of the service provided, grant account, etc.  All information is tracked by grant investigator or scientist and customized invoice formats can be developed to meet unique institutional requirements.  The Recharge Center Management Solution includes a bi-directional interface with the IT Works Grant Accounting System.  The interface creates accounting encumbrance transactions from invoiced services and updates invoice payments from accounting expenditure transactions.

The IT Works Recharge Management System offers the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of recharge centers, core facilities, and research service facilities.  Automated billing functions improvement payment collections and management and facility utilization reports provide information to help improve overall operations.