Grant Management Software for Pre and Post-Award Management

Grant management software solutions let teams work smarter, remove bottlenecks and streamline processes. IT Works Grant Management Software is designed for tracking pre and post-award information at institutions with a significant number of proposals, grants or research projects.  It organizes and provides quick access to essential information for both day-to-day management and institution wide reporting.

With Grant Management Software, Essential Information is at Your Finger Tips

IT Works software provides quick access to information such as:

  • Title and summary of research
  • Proposal type (new, competitive renewal, continuation, no cost extension, etc.
  • Award type (R01, K series, PPG, Title III, Training, etc.)
  • Funding agency (sponsor), agency type (federal, state, etc.) and agency number
  • Primary contractors (or pass through organizations) and subcontractors
  • Submission and award dates
  • CFDA number
  • Budget and project periods
  • Total direct and indirect (F&A) costs
  • Indirect (F&A) cost rate and type (total direct, modified total direct, etc.)
  • Key Personnel including principal investigator, co-investigator, and others
  • Investigator effort (by % and month)
  • Department where housed
  • Cost sharing, and more.

Grant Management Software Reporting Options
A comprehensive reporting system combines a powerful criteria selection system that selects grant and proposal records based on user defined criteria with numerous predefined report formats. Examples of pre-defined report formats include:

  • Table Formats
  • Other Support / Current and Pending Support Pages
  • Grant and Cost Shared Funding for Employees Supported by Grants

Users may also select their own fields such as proposal number, agency, title, investigator, budget period, etc. in order to create their own tabular formats.

Grant Funding Pipeline Management and Reporting
IT Works Grant Management Software Solutions are designed to help monitor your grant funding pipeline. This includes tracking total amounts pending and awarded by sponsor, PI, organizational unit, and more. Questions such as: “How many pending proposals are due to start in the next six months?”, or “How many active grants are scheduled to end later this year?” are easily answered. Questions may be answered in numerous ways such as by PI or departmental unit.

Committed Effort
Committed effort is tracked for senior staff for both active and pending projects and can be used to generate “Other Support Pages” or “Current and Pending Support” as required for applications to federal funding agencies. Committed effort is available for display in numerous table reports that can be used to analyze effort by individual scientist or employee or organization wide. Committed Effort can also be used with our Personnel Management Software and our Effort Certification Software to compare actual effort with committed effort.

Agency Reporting and Milestone Deadline Management and Alerts
Track sponsor reporting deadlines (such as progress reports and financial reports) as well as other scheduled events, meetings, and phone calls. Electronic e-mail alerts and reports are used to keep administrators and key personnel informed of scheduled due dates as well as an historical records of their completion.

Document Management and Storage
An electronic filing feature allows you to store and manage all documents digitally.  Multiple documents, such as the original proposal, the notice of award, funding authority notifications, budget forms, routing sheets, agency progress and financial reports can be stored for each grant or proposal. Once stored, they can be easily accesses and displayed.

Compliance Tracking
Compliance management functionality is available for both sponsored research as well as internally funded research. Examples of regulatory tracking include:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for Animal Subjects
  • Radiation Safety (RSC)
  • Bio Safety (IBC)
  • Stem Cell (HESC)
  • Chemical Safety (CSC)
  • Export Control, and others

Administrators may also track other “compliance issues” or areas of concern that are specific to their institution.  Examples include concerns such as whether foreign travel is involved, equipment is being taken off-site, special constructions projects are involved, and more.

Research Space Management
IT Works Grant Management Software also tracks the space where the research is conducted.  Space can be managed from two perspectives: by its physical characteristics (i.e. wet lab, conference room, office, etc.) and by the type of activity performed in the space (i.e. research, administration, teaching, etc.).  Grants are linked to space in order to track research dollars per square foot of research space by individual scientist or department.  Space utilization reports also provide information to aid in indirect cost calculations.

Research Publication Tracking and Management
IT Works Grant Management Software also includes functionality for publication tracking.  It maintains standard information such as the title, publication type, journal, date published, issue or volume, and the authors.  Publications are linked to individual scientists as well as sponsored projects and funding agencies.  Reports list information by researcher, grant, and publication.

Additional Functionality via Grant Management Software

  • Multi-tiered Security
  • Special Sponsor or Institutional Policies
  • Subcontract Monitoring
  • Specialized Reports for NCI Cancer Centers
  • User Defined Coding Systems
  • Generation of Annual Reports

Integration With IT Works Effort Certification and Grant Accounting Solutions

Our Grant Management Software integrates with other IT Works software modules. It provides committed effort and cost sharing information to the IT Works Effort Certification solution allowing it to compare percent paid to percent committed for both sponsored funds and hard money. It also provides grant demographic data such as agency, investigator, and budget information to the Grant Accounting module to eliminate redundant data entry.

The solution provides functionality for administrators, project managers, and other senior staff such as scientists, research faculty, and principal investigators throughout the entire grant life cycle – from proposal to grant close out. Information may be quickly accessed at any time through an easy to use web-based interface that includes dashboards, display screens and reports. An internal, multi-tiered security system controls user access and an expandable folder system organizes proposals and awards according to user defined filters and sorting criteria such as status, investigator, funding agency, organizational unit, and more. Alerts and e-mail reminders provide notification of pending activities or reporting deadlines.

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