IT Works Space and Asset Management module is a state-of-the-art space and equipment tracking system. The Space component tracks information such as room square footage, room ownership by organizational unit and key personnel, room usage, and the equipment located in it. A user defined coding system allows organizations to tailor the system to their individual needs. When used with the grant module, it can compare key personnel based on the amount of their grant funding per square foot of research space.

The Asset Management component records specific information about each piece of capital equipment used by your organization. Over 45 variables, including equipment description, manufacturer, origin of purchase, cost, location, and current status (missing, discarded, or in use) are tracked for each item. When used with a bar-code scanner, it can completely automate your equipment tracking process.


  • Track space use from two points of view:
    • An architect’s: lab, office, conference room, etc.
    • An administrator: research, teaching, administration, etc.
  • Track shared and borrowed space
  • Space and Equipment ownership assigned by corporation, organizational unit, and key personnel
  • Assign employees and grants to individual rooms
  • Records total square feet and number of workstations per room
  • Supports industry standard and user-defined coding systems
  • Tracks research dollars per square foot of research space by individual faculty or department
  • Track space utilization to aid in Indirect Cost Calculations
  • Interfaces to bar-code scanners for automating equipment location verification
  • Quickly identify missing equipment
  • Compute Equipment Depreciation

Multiple Coding Systems
IT Works Space and Asset Management Module incorporate multiple coding systems in order to analyze space from different perspectives. Usage codes allow space to be defined from the point of either a facilities planning-and-design manager or an architect. These codes define space such as offices, labs, classrooms, conference rooms, hallways, etc. Classification codes define these spaces according to the type of activity or work that is performed there (i.e. teaching, research, administration, and / or clinical activities).  In most cases, a room will be defined by a single use code and multiple classification codes. For example, a investigator or faculty member may have a single office which is used for three different activities – administration, research, and teaching. The implementation of these multiple classification codes per room allows report generation for indirect cost analysis or the evaluation of key employees.

Easily Interpreted Space and Asset Management Reports
Space management reports are designed for tracking space distribution by use, classification, building, department, division, or faculty member. Subsets of this information can be grouped and sorted in many different formats. Asset management and equipment inventory reports display location history and current status of equipment. These reports can be grouped and sorted by building, room, organizational unit, key personnel, decal number and equipment type.

Management of Research Resources
When multiple software modules are used, grant, personnel, space, equipment and other financial information are combined in a straightforward and organized manner in reports designed specifically for research administrators. For example, by integrating the Grant and Space modules, quantitative measurements are provided for assigning space based on the amount of grant dollars per square foot of research space.

Further integration with the Personnel Module provides a complete overview of the resources used by an individual faculty member including laboratory equipment and supporting research staff and their salaries. Various report formats organize research space, personnel, equipment, and money by organizational unit, and key personnel.

Barcode Scanner Interface 
ScannerThe IT Works Space and Asset Management Module combines state-of-the-art software with barcode scanner technology to quickly place concise, informative asset management reports at your fingertips. It is the first user-friendly way to completely automate your asset management reports.  A unique tracking number serves as a link between the software and the equipment. The number is stored in the software and is also physically attached to the equipment with a barcode label. A barcode scanner is used to help verify the location of each piece of equipment.

IT Works, Inc. is an authorized reseller of the Unitech portable terminal scanners.

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