Online Management is a web-based reporting system for the IT Works Accounting and Personnel Modules. It is extremely easy to use and requires virtually no training. Online Management is designed to deliver our most popular reports to investigators, faculty and research staff without the involvement of administrative accounting staff. Using “drill down” technology, these users can retrieve live information from our solution maintained by central or departmental accounting staff.


  • Easy to use
  • Online Management allows users to:
    • Retrieve budget, encumbrance, and expense data by individual or groups of accounts, projects, funds, or cost centers.
    • Sort and total information by expense category or other user defined grouping system
    • Display the names and amounts paid to employees supported by individual funds
    • Access human resource data for college, department, or laboratory personnel
  • No paper needed
  • Send announcements to individual users
  • No client software needed

Online Management provides key personnel with accounting reports that are easy to interpret. When the IT Works Accounting Module is interfaced to your general ledger system via our electronic import procedures, Online Management can revolutionize the use of your general ledger accounting data. For the first time, your key personnel, the people who generate most of your money, can immediately see and understand how much they have left to use.


Use the link provided below to view a demonstration of Online Management.
Examples are provided for two types of users.

  1. An Individual Investigator
  2. A Department or Central Office Administrator

There are two differences between these logins. First, the sampleadmin login sees more funding sources / projects than samplepi. Second, the initial display is different. Sampleadmin first sees a summary of all research funds by fund type: clinical trials and grants. Drilling down on either fund type will display a list of individual project / fund balances. Samplepi goes straight to the list of individual project / fund balances.

Click to View an Online Demo

Please contact IT Works to receive temporary login names and passwords required for the demo.