What Constitutes a Financial Conflict of Interest?

Ways to Manage Conflict of Interest

We recently came across a timely and informative video offered by NCURA regarding strategies to avoid conflict of interest. The NCURA video features Denise Moody, Director of Research Compliance, Office of Sponsored Programs, Harvard University. Moody offers a concise look at ways to manage potential conflicts of interest in research funding. In Read More

Department Research Management Transition: Change Can Be Good

From Point A To Point B

Universities, colleges and other research institutions depend on various funding sources in order to sustain the highest quality research programs. These research programs are supported by research administrators within the institution. These individuals typically provide guidance and administrative support for the faculty and staff involved in Read More

Shadow Accounting Systems: Gaining Control at the Department Level

Business Charts and Graphs

It’s often a challenge for grant managers, administrators and other staff at the department level to maintain adequate control of account and project expenditures, account tracking and other financial record keeping.  Many of the issues faced by department managers are due to the limitations of the central accounting system to track detailed Read More

Staying Current: Grant Management Systems and Changing Regulations

IT Works teams with some of the nation’s leading universities including schools of medicine, nursing, public, health, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other research institutes seeking sponsored research funding. When we consult with these institutions, a key takeaway is the importance of employing grant management best practices to meet Read More

The Importance of Grant Accounting: Recognize These Common Challenges?

We’ve worked with some of the nation’s most respected research universities, their individual departments, including schools of medicine, arts and sciences, and engineering. Each of these settings has its own unique mission and funding environment, yet we find that each entity faces a common set of challenges when it comes to grant management – Read More

Highlights from NCURA’s Financial Research Administration 2014 Conference

IT Works Booth

Our team recently returned from the annual Financial Research Administration 2014 conference sponsored by the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA). Hosted in San Francisco, this year’s annual event convened professionals engaged in the financial administration of research.  This community has come together each year or Read More

Five Grant Management Problems and Red Flags

We read with interest an article in The Chronicle for Higher Education entitled Cash Strapped NIH May Ask Universities to Limit Grant Applications.  The article is especially noteworthy for those organizations looking ahead to improving the grant management process with grant management software. The article notes that the National Institutes of Read More

Is Grant Management Software Right For You?


If you’re involved in an organization that either gives or receives grants, you probably have some sort of system in place for filing and organizing documents pertaining to your grants. These documents probably consist of spreadsheets, Word documents and various computer files, all loosely organized in some way to help manage the grant at hand. If Read More

Get Rid of Bad Grant Management Habits Once and For All

Complicated. Frustrating. Confusing. That is how many describe the grant management process. Founded in 2007, eight organizations joined forces to leave those feelings behind. Appropriately named Project Streamline, the group is on a mission to improve grant application and reporting. Project Streamline strives to make the job of a grant maker Read More

How To Manage Grant Money The Right Way

In today’s economy, grant competition is ruthless. For example, when applying for a federal grant your competitors could be from higher education, non-profits, research institutes, city and state governments and tribal governments from any of the 50 states. It’s not easy to properly align your organization’s mission, define a grant opportunity and Read More