How to automate policies and procedures with an Effort Reporting System to insure compliance with OMB regulations?

In our last blog posting we presented an overview of OMB regulations regarding the documentation of personnel expenditures and identified how implementing an Effort Reporting System could help an institution adherence to their effort reporting policies. Additional information on these OMB regulations can be found in a presentation about the Final Read More

A Continued Look at Post Award Controls and Grants Management Solutions

A previous IT Works blog post put the focus on a stricter set of guidelines faced by those research institutions that are prime recipients of federal awards. As we noted, for many leading institutions, grants management solutions play a key role in compliance. The regulations are part of the new Uniform Grant Guidance or Omni-Circular. The Read More

Achieving Tighter Post Award Controls with Grants Management Systems

Research institutions that are prime recipients of federal awards now face a stricter set of guidelines. For many leading institutions, grants management systems play a key role in compliance. The regulations are part of the new Uniform Grant Guidance or Omni-Circular. The mandates, published at the end of 2013 and now being implemented, are Read More

Room to Grow: A Grants Management Software Success Story


Many of the research centers and universities we team with experience administrative challenges when it comes to the grants management process. That’s why leading research institutions turn to grants management software. In our work with offices of sponsored programs and research and other organizations, the key is to work smarter and streamline Read More

What are the Elements of a Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy?

Many of the teams we work navigate the issues that arise when considering Financial Conflicts of Interest. This important area can be confusing for a new, or even experienced, grant office or investigator. Today, our series of blog posts about financial conflicts of interest addresses one of the most common questions, which involves setting a Read More

Maintaining Integrity With Research Administration Systems

Business Men Shaking Hands

Maintaining integrity is fundamental when dealing with research administration systems. I was reminded of this again this past week when teaming with an institution evaluating grant management solutions. The purchasing process involved a series of unusual requirements that included releasing the names of clients and financial transactions Read More

Achieving Transparency With Your Grants Management System

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When it comes to a grants management system, one of the key benefits is achieving transparency – or in other words, increasing visibility and accessibility of key information associated with grants. Data transparency is important for administrators, project managers, and other staff such as scientists, research faculty, and principal Read More

Financial Conflicts of Interest: What Parties are Typically Involved?


Our team has been looking at strategies to manage potential conflicts of interest in research funding. Many of the research offices we work with flag this as an issue of concern. Department managers and other research professionals must be aware of potential conflicts of interest which may occur when outside financial interests compromise, or Read More