Limitations of Grant Tracking Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet for Grant Tracking

Grant Tracking Spreadsheets are widely used by administrators of nonprofits, independent research institutes, colleges, and departments within large, research intensive universities to keep up with the overall grant funding of their organization. They are easy to setup and offer numerous options for maintaining information in tabular formats. Read More

The State of Innovation: Research Funding in the News

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The current state of U.S. research funding has been in the news lately, and we’ve taken note. In the work we do, we know that our nation’s researchers rely on Federal research grant funding to conduct innovative research, fuel medical breakthroughs and drive advances in technologic innovation. Academic research is a major reason the United Read More

Creating Other Support Pages for NIH Grant Applications


Look, Other Support Pages created at the click of a button. Applause immediately follows. Few other parts of our grants management system demonstrations have demonstrated as much excitement on a regular basis as the quick and easy generation of other support pages. Why the excitement? It’s because for those who live in the world of NIH grant Read More

Grants Accounting Systems for Managing Research Budgets and Expenditures

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The use of Grants Accounting Systems is key to the successful management of budgets and expenditures in higher education and independent research institutions. Administrators in these environments are often challenged in helping investigators control grant spending and adhere to the budget awarded by their sponsor. These challenges stem from a Read More

Considering an Effort Certification System? A Guide for Research Institutions

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For today’s leading research institutions, an automated effort certification system is a smart way to go. That’s because as a condition to receive federal funding, institutions must maintain an accurate system for reporting the percentage of time (effort) that employees devote to federally sponsored projects. What’s noteworthy, compensation for Read More

Working Smarter: Collaborative Research Initiatives and Grant Management Software

Latest News Headlines and Online Source of Info

Our team stays current about the latest news from the nation’s top educational, research and healthcare institutions. Recently, we’ve seen announcements showcasing the funding of collaborative research initiatives, including the following two examples. The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program recently Read More

Grants Management Software for Research Administration and Funding Portfolio Oversight

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Successful research institutions use Grants Management Software for oversight and administration of funding portfolios. These institutions rely on grants to fund their research enterprises which are composed of highly skilled scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff organized in teams led by key investigators. Key investigators serve Read More

A Grants Management Audit: Take a Hard Look at Where You Are Now

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Many Universities, offices of sponsored research and other research institutions seek to improve their grant management process, but are challenged to know how to begin the effort. They are often mired in duplicate data entry, manual handling of files and documentation, silos of spreadsheets and other fragmented systems. A key part of a grants Read More

Compliance Tracking: A Grants Management Best Practice

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Here at IT Works, we’re committed to identifying and promoting effective grant management best practices, especially as they relate to compliance tracking. In the work we do with leading University research institutions, we often hear that it’s a challenge to manage the various documentation needed for compliance tracking. Compliance tracking is Read More