Considering an Effort Certification System? A Guide for Research Institutions

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For today’s leading research institutions, an automated effort certification system is a smart way to go. That’s because as a condition to receive federal funding, institutions must maintain an accurate system for reporting the percentage of time (effort) that employees devote to federally sponsored projects. What’s noteworthy, compensation for Read More

Working Smarter: Collaborative Research Initiatives and Grant Management Software

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Our team stays current about the latest news from the nation’s top educational, research and healthcare institutions. Recently, we’ve seen announcements showcasing the funding of collaborative research initiatives, including the following two examples. The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program recently Read More

Grants Management Software for Research Administration and Funding Portfolio Oversight

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Grants Management Software is key to the successful oversight and administration of funding portfolios at successful research institutions. These institutions rely on grants to fund their research enterprises which are composed of highly skilled scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff organized in teams led by key investigators. The Read More

A Grants Management Audit: Take a Hard Look at Where You Are Now

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Many Universities, offices of sponsored research and other research institutions seek to improve their grant management process, but are challenged to know how to begin the effort. They are often mired in duplicate data entry, manual handling of files and documentation, silos of spreadsheets and other fragmented systems. A key part of a grants Read More

Compliance Tracking: A Grants Management Best Practice

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Here at IT Works, we’re committed to identifying and promoting effective grant management best practices, especially as they relate to compliance tracking. In the work we do with leading University research institutions, we often hear that it’s a challenge to manage the various documentation needed for compliance tracking. Compliance tracking is Read More

First Steps with Grant Management Software Products

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Grant management software products should empower research administrators to achieve an accurate, efficient grants tracking process that maximizes the efforts of their research institutions. But despite the availability of grant management solutions that can streamline and automate the entire process, we still speak with many departments, Read More

Research Funding Fuels Breakthrough Innovation

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Our team at IT Works is passionate about helping institutions and Universities streamline the process of managing funding for cutting-edge research, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest in research funding news. To that end, we’re pleased to see innovative, breakthrough research being funded by federal agencies such as the National Read More

How to Use Grants Accounting Software for Projecting Personnel Costs

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The management of personnel costs is a fundamental part of grant and research administration. To that point, in a previous blog post about grant accounting systems from July 24 we highlighted how grant accounting software can be used to help administrators with the management of these costs. Specifically, we looked at how to include projected Read More

How to use Grant Accounting Systems for Managing Personnel Budgets


In a previous blog post, we discussed how departmental administrators need grant accounting systems that focus on the management of personnel costs. The need for this emphasis stems from the fact that most grant budgets are heavily weighted in this area and departmental administrators oversee the financial management of both individual projects and Read More