5 Reasons to Project Personnel Costs for Sponsored Research


For today’s research-intensive university or institution, tracking personnel costs for sponsored research is a major factor. That’s because the majority of project costs stem from research personnel required to complete the project. Many departments, institutes and universities we speak with are challenged with fully capturing the true costs of Read More

Software for Encumbering Indirect Costs on Sponsored Projects

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In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of monitoring and encumbering indirect costs (aka IDC, Facilities and Administration, and F&A) on sponsored projects and the need for implementing a grant accounting software solution for this purpose. In today’s blog we provide the steps involved in computing direct cost encumbrances and provide Read More

Selecting Grant Management Software: 5 Key Tips to Consider


What do research-intensive universities and institutions need to keep in mind when selecting grant management software? Before evaluating what factors to keep in mind though, we need to take a look at the reasons universities and institutions evaluate grant management software. For many research institutions, there is an effort underway to look Read More

Common Mistakes Associated with Recharge Centers


There are several common mistakes of recharge centers. These mistakes, whether intentional or not, pose a risk of financial loss not only to the department/center, but to the institution as a whole. Over the years, there have been several audit findings resulting in millions of dollars of overcharges to users and fines to institutions for Read More

Using Grant Management Software to Track Late Grant Submissions


As grant administrators we’ve likely heard more excuses than high school teachers when it comes to late grant submissions. Here are a few of the best I’ve heard over the years: “I accidentally ran over my laptop with my car and it had the only saved copy of my grant.” “But the agency due date is tomorrow, so my application isn’t late.” “My Read More

The Cost of Hiring Research Personnel

Cost of hiring research personnel

The majority of costs on research projects stem from personnel required to complete the research, as such many departments, institutes and universities are concerned with the question: How much does it really cost to hire research personnel? There are several factors to consider when evaluating the cost of hiring research personnel. Today’s Read More

Avoiding Audit Findings: A Look at Recent Grant Fraud Cases


The topic of grant award audits is part of IT Works’ ongoing blog post series, and grant fraud is a key consideration. The information is based off my recent SRA International North Carolina Chapter Meeting presentation entitled “Review of Recent Audits and Fraud Cases.” During the event, I outlined audit findings related unallowable expenses, late Read More

Monitoring Indirect Cost Encumbrances on Sponsored Projects


Monitoring indirect cost encumbrances of sponsored projects is a critical component of the indirect cost recovery process. Indirect cost recovery is integral to funding the infrastructure required for the operation of research intensive institutions.  Monitoring these costs provides administrators the visibility into funding that will be available Read More

Recent Legislation, Studies Impact the State of U.S. Research.


There have been several key developments impacting the current state of U.S. research and the investments made by federal granting organizations. As part of our efforts serving research-intensive universities, colleges and other institutions, we regularly come across key articles impacting our nation’s research community. Noted here are Read More

Avoiding Grant Award Audits Related to Misrepresentation of Effort

I addressed the topic of avoiding grant award audits, as well as findings related to recent cases of fraud, at the March 2015 SRA International North Carolina Chapter Meeting. The presentation was entitled “Review of Recent Audits and Fraud Cases” and looked at many issues, including audit findings related to areas including unallowable expenses, Read More