Issues to Consider During Grant Tracking Reporting


How does your research organization handle the annual review of grant submissions and awards, also known as grant tracking reporting? A previous post looked at this important process faced by research-intensive institutions. A review might be for individual personnel, an organizational unit, or the institution as a whole. It’s typical for grant Read More

How to Generate Annual Grant Tracking Reports

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The annual review of grant submissions and awards is an important part in the management of research intensive institutions and the generation of grant tracking reports is a key component of this process. Whether the review is for individual personnel, an organizational unit, or their institution as a whole, grant and research administrators rely Read More

Issues Involved with Effort Reporting System Reconciliation

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Effort reporting system reconciliation is a standard step in the preparation for an audit of the time and effort of personnel paid on federally sponsored projects. As with any audit of federally sponsored projects, one of the primary purposes is to verify compliance with federal policies described in the OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements, Read More

The Year in Review: More Grants Management Takeaways

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Last week we looked back over the past year to consider the grants management takeaways learned through this blog and other channels. See our previous post giving the 2014 Year in Review here. Here we continue our 2014 review for the key takeaways experienced by administrators of research-focused Universities and colleges, independent Read More

2014 Year in Review: 3 Grants Management Lessons Learned

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As we wrap up another year, it’s helpful to look back and consider the grants management lessons learned through this blog and other channels. Grants management can be challenging for administrators at research-focused Universities and colleges, independent research institutions and hospitals, and other organizations.   Thus the goal of our blog Read More

What’s Ahead in 2015 Research? 3 Trends on the Horizon for Research Institutions

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What’s in store for research-focused universities, colleges, hospitals and other institutions looking to support 2015 research efforts with grant-sponsored funding? In the year ahead, we expect research institutions to face continued challenges associated with regulatory requirements from federal funding agencies, as well as challenges with the Read More

Using Grant Funding to Justify Research Space Assignment

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Administrators at research intensive universities are challenged with the quandary of research space assignment. There is never enough space to go around and when not handled correctly, the assignment process can reek of politics and favoritism. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Quantifying the assignment process provides both fairness and Read More

How Recharge Center Billing and Collections Problems can Affect Compliance

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Implementing effective recharge center billing and collections procedures are key to maintaining financial stability and ensuring compliance with federal regulations. The relationship between recharge center billing and collections and financial stability is obvious to most. Without billing and collections, there may not be adequate revenue to Read More

How to Manage Issues Requiring Administrative Oversight

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A lack of pre-award administrative oversight can cause post-award grant and research administrators to be caught off guard by situations that pose a risk to the successful completion of a project. These situations often arise several months after the project has started and administrators are left scrambling to remedy the situation. In many cases, Read More